"Communication is the behaviour of one organism with the potential to change the behaviour of another." --- Dictionary of Biology

All our courses focus on developing skills that improve communication in such as way as to influence behviour and so strengthen relationships.

They propose new ideas and approaches to communication strategy, an understanding of human psychology and motivations, together with highly practical language and listening skills, using demonstrations and supported practice to build confidence.

They cover such topics as

  • Difficult Conversations Made Easier,
  • Decision Making Problem Solving,
  • Facilitation as a Leadership Skill,
  • Leading a Successful Team,
  • Mediator Skills,
  • Mental Health at Work,
  • Managing Stress at Work,
  • Negotiating Successfully,
  • Positive Performance Management and
  • Presentation Skills.

The majority are in-house courses, from one to three days over several weeks, to allow participants to use their new skills, then bring their experiences back to the next session to discuss and refine. Usually run in groups of 8-10 people to maximise interaction, attendees complete pre-course questionnaires to identify individual skill development needs and bring examples of the issue they face so the training is relevant to their work lives. As the time is split 50:50 between discussion and practice, we ask that attendees read the comprehensive course manual provided pre-training.

To find out more use the link to Resources where you’ll find downloads with more detail, or to discuss what skills development might be helpful in your specific circumstances, use the Contact Us section at the bottom of the page or call Jeremy on 0773388 2543.

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