Humans are social beings – and the quality of our relationships affects our mental, emotional and physical health

Research has consistently shown that good relationships help people live longer and deal with stress better.

When relationships breakdown the reverse is true.

Communication suffers, trust disappears, productivity declines, attention wanders, stress builds and normal life grinds to a halt.

Rebuilding a relationship is very possible, especially where those involved want or have to spend time together.

We tend to start by looking at improving the quality of communication, both what we say and how we say it, to increase respect, focus on issues not people and gradually lay the foundations for trust.

It helps to remember that we humans have a “self-centric” view of the world, reflected in two powerful motivations: self-interest and self-determination.

  • we like to make decisions that are good for us - “what’s in it for me?,” and
  • we want to be the ones deciding - we don’t like being told what to do.

So in any collection of individuals ideally all, or at least the majority, should believe that achieving a common goal is in their best interests and they would want to come to that conclusion themselves through open, respectful discussion leading to a recognition of the end benefits.

All of which requires good communication skills, both in what we’re saying and the way we say it, in making sure we listen more than we speak (we have two ears and one mouth), checking that we are understood and focussing on solving problems rather than laying blame.

If there is a relationship you think could be more positive we have decades of experience that could show you alternative ways of achieving your aims, just as we have for hundreds of other Scots.

We might be able to Facilitate a discussion, or help you with Negotiating a new outcome, or Coaching someone who may be a future leader (or may almost be one now) or in developing a successful Team or Family Business. Or it may be a simple need to develop some relationship based Skills.

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