Coaching Relationships

The partnership between the individual and their coach will be a thought-provoking, creative process that inspires the individual to maximise their professional potential.

Sometimes we need to develop new skills and approaches to develop relationships with others in a more positive way.

A coach can help develop self-confidence by bringing an independent, innovative way of looking at a relationship by forming a confidential, supportive partnership in which we can be brave enough to try something new.

Coaching can be beneficial in many different circumstances, and like any other form of skill transfer, it must have clear objectives which are measurable so the participants can see the value.

Where a relationship is strained, individual coaching sessions can help us re-think old attitudes and behaviours in a safe environment. We can develop new ideas and prepare them for sharing with others, thinking through how they may react and how to respond to possible concerns.

Where a new relationship is forming – where someone joins a team or takes on responsibility for managing people who were once colleagues – coaching can create a safe space to consider what skills they may need, how to approach their new role and if things go wrong, a coach can be someone to reflect with and develop new ideas on management style and content.

To find out more use the link to Resources where you’ll find downloadswith more detail, or to discuss how coaching might be helpful in your specific circumstances, use the Contact Us section at the bottom of the page or call Jeremy on 0773388 2543.

Conflict can damage anyone's self-confidence. A well thought through, targeted coaching programme can help to rebuild the individual into a fully contributing member of the team.

By asking questions and providing examples to prompt wider thinking, a coach can develop the individual's thought processes and ways of analysing and approaching problems, which they can use in many different situations.


The partnership between the individual and their coach will be a thought-provoking, creative process that inspires the individual to maximize their professional potential. They will learn new ways of thinking in a secure, supportive environment, where they have the time to discuss and internalise new approaches, put them into practice and give feedback on the results.


Coaching is like any other form of skill transfer – it must be directed towards specific ends and those ends must be measurable so that the value of the coaching can be assessed.


We will develop a fully costed proposal with you to ensure that the objectives are achievable and beneficial to the individual and the organisation, with milestones to ensure value is measured before each stage of the programme. Use the contact details below to start the discussion about how this confidence building may help.

An Introduction to the Benefits of Coaching

A short introduction to how coaching can help develop leadership skills.

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