Mediation is described in more detail in the documents below, but essentially it should create a safe environment in which those involved discuss face to face what each thinks the conflict is about and using that knowledge, create ways of resolving the present and stopping it happening in future. The mediators act as guides through this process; they will not judge, advise or tell anyone what to do, although they may ask some searching questions. Finally when a resolution has been reached that everyone can live with, the mediators will make sure the details are worked out and if needed, written down in a legally binding contract.

A Private Meeting


The Catalyst Mediation Process

  • Why Mediation Works

  • Preparing for a mediation

  • Gathering Your Thoughts

  • Tips on Communication

  • Co-Mediation

  • Agreement to Mediate

  • The Cost Benefit of Mediation

  • Towards a Competent Mediator

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