Whether the dispute is between an employer and an employee or two colleagues, it will disrupt the organisation and so become a business problem to be managed as effectively as possible.


We will develop a process to help everyone, including solicitors and union representatives, become actively involved, prepare for the main meeting, minimise surprises and make the best use of the time available. 

We will give you a formal proposal and you incur no costs until you have agreed to them. The mediation happens as soon as diaries allow and usually takes a day - sometimes a long one.

The case histories below will give you a better idea of what happens and what you might expect from your own "facilitated negotiations".


The draft Mediation Proposal also below will give you an idea of what we will give you to gain internal approval.

Or call us now to discuss your needs and start the resolution process right away.

A Private Meeting


Workplace Mediation

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  • Workplace Case History 3

  • Mediation Proposal


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