• Aileen Riddell

    Aileen gained an honours degree in psychology with statistics at Aberdeen University and  became interested in mediation with SACRO where she worked as a mediator, and team-leader with her colleague Linda Paterson. She has extensive experience of community, workplace (she is a lay member for Employment Tribunals) and victim offender mediation and has trained police officers, youth workers and housing staff in conflict resolution skills. She has also delivered SACRO’s accredited 5-day mediation skills training course and leads workshops on large group mediation as well as providing training for Dundee and Aberdeen Universities. She is an accredited mediator and a member of the Scottish Mediation Network. 

  • Alison Ebbitt

    Alison holds professional qualifications in training, social work, counselling and mediation.  Starting her career as a nurse, she went on to qualify as a social worker and worked in social care for 25 years.

    After a period as a training and development manager, Alison trained as a mediator in 2003.  She has developed courses in mediation, managing conflict, challenging behaviour, preventing youth homelessness and organisational change.  She practices in workplace conflicts and family mediation where she specialises in mediating with high-conflict and court-referred disputes.  

  • Linda Paterson

    Linda worked as a journalist before completing an MA at Aberdeen University. She joined SACRO as a mediator in 1997and was a founder of the Aberdeen Community Mediation Service and she managed it's expansion with Aileen Riddell, and helped to establish it as one of the most successful neighbour mediation services in Scotland. 

    Linda has mediated hundreds of conflicts, both individual, group and  workplace and has trained staff in mediation skills from the police, local authority and Aberdeen University. 

    Linda set up the Mediation Partnership in 2006 with Aileen,is an accredited mediator and a member of the Catalyst Mediation panel, the Scottish Mediation Network and the Mediation Panel of the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission.