Relationship breakdown is distressing whether you have children or not. Everyone in crisis finds it difficult to make decisions about the future. 


We have worked with families of all ages, whether married or cohabiting, same sex couples, even some who had never really lived together.  So it is likely we can help you too.


We don’t take sides, make judgements or tell you what to do.


We help you have a conversation about the choices you have and then work through your problems. 


We will help to reduce the conflict and avoid painful and expensive legal battles.  


We can help you to access impartial financial advice and investment management to help you make informed decisions about how best to achieve your future life goals.  


We will help you create an agreement that reflects what you have decided together, that is in everyone’s best interests for the future and we will work with your legal adviser so that it becomes binding on everyone.


Mediation will also improve communication between you. It will not necessarily reduce the feelings of hurt or loss, but it will help you to think more about what you want to do in the future and then agree a practical, workable plan that takes into account everyone’s views, needs and feelings.


Finally mediated agreements work – they have a high rate of long term compliance because no one wants the pain of an adversarial court battle. 

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