Negotiating is nearly always what communication between humans is all about – the aim being to cause a change in behaviour in the other person.



From the simple “I will do ………… if you will do ……” to complex high level international negotiations, the main factors are common:


  • The main players will be human beings, with emotional responses, needs for self-determination and self-interest and agendas both hidden and open.
  • They may see a negotiation as an adversarial process – because they start with the assumption that the other side will be unwilling to do what we want, so we’ll have to force them into it.
  • Neither side may have looked at what an acceptable or good outcome for them really consists of and how they will know it when it happens.
  • Nor may they have worked out an acceptable, independent measure of that success, so there may be an underlying level of mistrust even after an agreement is reached.


This course is based on Principled Negotiation, used throughout the world by The Harvard Negotiation Project, started by William Ury & Roger Fisher, authors of Getting to Yes and Getting Past No, which are now standard works for negotiators.


Who would benefit


Anyone seeking to be an effective negotiator for their organisation:

  • an awareness raising about principled negotiation skills : one day version –time to understand the what and how, but little time to practice as new skills;


  • a skills course for immediate application in the workplace : two day version – time to understand and practice, so gaining confidence for those who want to use the skills the next day.


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Principled Negotiation

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This one or two day course covers an effective approach with new language skills, plus demonstrations and supported practice to build confidence. The in-house course is run in groups of 8 people to maximise interaction. Attendees complete pre-course questionnaires and bring personal examples for analysis so the training is relevant to their work lives. A comprehensive course manual is provided pre-training. An inclusive day rate per person is shown below - no VAT is charged.

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