"We have found this course invaluable for our Housing Options staff. The key skills in motivational interviewing, dealing with conflict and changing perceptions were really useful and staff have come away from the training with a changed approach to clients. It gives a lot more than just mediation training, I would recommend it for any front line staff”



Some clients, whether presenting as homeless or as difficult tenants, lead chaotic lives and expect you to solve all their problems. They may have learned that being demanding and shouting gets results. They will rarely take responsibility for the problems their actions have caused. The result is they never learn how to manage their own lives and become a continuing problem, taking up limited resources and giving you unnecessary stress.


However if you think of yourself as a facilitator, not a problem solver, your approach would be using new language skills and questioning techniques, a few negotiation tips and some simple psychology. You would be helping the client to think, to identify their best interests, to consider their decisions and the options they are left with as a result. You would be guiding them to a more responsible attitude and encouraging skills that will help them take more control of their lives. And become less of a problem to others and to you.


At the same time you would be more effective and less stressed.


Who would benefit


Anyone who works with clients whose lives are chaotic or in conflict:  

  • housing options teams

  • homeless young people

  • anti-social behaviour teams

  • housing support teams


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Housing Staff - Working with Difficult Clients

Program Details

This course covers an effective approach with new language skills, plus demonstrations and supported practice to build confidence. The in-house course is run in groups of 8 - 10 people to maximise interaction. Attendees complete pre-course questionnaires and bring personal examples for analysis so the training is relevant to their work lives. A comprehensive course manual is provided pre-training. An inclusive day rate per person will be provided on request - no VAT is charged.

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