Facilitation is a leadership skill – it ensures everyone has a voice, all possible options are raised, analysed for potential, the discussion stays on subject and within agreed timescales. If conclusions are reached, actions, responsibilities and measurement standards are recorded and a review date set.



Facilitation is a central function for mediators – it is about managing a conversation for other people, who frequently in mediations would not wish to be having it, so that it is inclusive and constructive. Technically the facilitator should have no interest in the outcome, which for a team leader may be difficult to begin with. However it is an excellent way of preventing a leaders’ ideas always coming out on top, so ensuring they allow their team members to contribute fully, have their ideas tested and so grow in skill and confidence to the benefit of the team – and the leader.


Who would benefit


Anyone seeking to manage effective discussions between colleagues:

  • an awareness raising about facilitative skills : one day version –time to understand the what and how, but little time to practice as new skills;


  • a skills course for immediate application in the workplace : two day version – time to understand and practice, so gaining confidence for those who want to use the skills the next day.


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Program Details

This one or two day course covers an effective approach with new language skills, plus demonstrations and supported practice to build confidence. The in-house course is run in groups of 8 people to maximise interaction. Attendees complete pre-course questionnaires and bring personal examples for analysis so the training is relevant to their work lives. A comprehensive course manual is provided pre-training. An inclusive day rate per person is shown below - no VAT is charged.

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