Emotional Intelligence suggests that if we understand our own emotional state and are aware of the states of others, we will work together more harmoniously and effectively. Although there is little empirical evidence, logic suggests this is a key skill for leaders.



While academic models of EI (or QI) differ in detail, it stands to reason that as most of our interactions are with other emotional beings, if we understand ours and theirs, know how to affect them positively and avoid causing distress, then we will all benefit in a host of ways. Reading body and verbal language clues, using a respectful vocabulary and tone of voice, seeking mutual best interests are all part of an approach that leaders should have and understand how to use.


Who would benefit


Anyone seeking to work more effectively with colleagues:

  • an awareness raising about EI and associated skills: one day version –time to understand the what and how, but little time to practice as new skills;


  • a skills course for immediate application in the workplace : two day version – time to understand and practice, so gaining confidence for those who want to use the skills the next day.


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Emotional Intelligence

Program Details

This one or two day course covers an effective approach with new language skills, plus demonstrations and supported practice to build confidence. The in-house course is run in groups of 8 people to maximise interaction. Attendees complete pre-course questionnaires and bring personal examples for analysis so the training is relevant to their work lives. A comprehensive course manual is provided pre-training. An inclusive day rate per person is shown below - no VAT is charged.

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