Almost any agreement between two people or organisations could be thought of as a contract - so what happens when things start to change?                                      

When you negotiate a contract, however simple or complex, there is a temptation to get it done, heave a sigh of relief that it has been agreed and move on. The last thing you may want to ask is, "but what happens if things go wrong or change?". And yet change is almost bound to happen and it is the ideal time for conflict to develop all to quickly, unless everyone knows what to do.
Contract management needn't be complicated, it simply requires a little clarity of thinking about:
  • what your objectives are in managing change
  • the levels of change that are likely to happen, usually classified by the scale of their effect on quality, cost or timing
  • who should be involved from all contract partners at each level of change 
  • who do you give the authority to accept or renegotiate the change
  • to whom do they escalate a change that is outside their authority and how quickly, and
  • how are agreed changes documented and added to the original agreement


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Contract Management



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