Creating behaviour change in conflicted individuals or organisations is possible with the correct approach and skills, whether you are working with companies, family members or colleagues. While they may want to change, they won't know how.


By the end of this course, you will.

This 6 day course is certificated by Scottish Mediation and provides a unique opportunity to learn about the theory of conflict and the  skills of the mediator, with numerous opportunities for practice. You will discover new forms of communication to generate an exchange of  information, new ways to use that information to realign attitudes and negotiating skills to help identify new behaviours that represent the best interests for all concerned.


In a supportive environment you will work in small groups as well as individually to debate the key elements of mediation, how they differ from the normal managers approach and then put your new found understanding into practice.


The 65 page Handbook contains information and suggestions for further reading, together with space for notes. We devote the bulk of the course time to discussion and skills practice so you will receive it in time to have read it before the course starts.


The Assessment Day comprises practical demonstrations of your skills in three role play mediations, written work and a 3 Minute presentation. The assessment is carried out by at least one independent mediator, in addition to the trainers. Finally successful candidates receive signed certificates and the opportunity to join their colleagues in CPD sessions managed by Catalyst throughout Scotland. The course is run in groups of 6 and normally as part of an in-house training program. Costs vary depending on numbers and location, but start at around £200 per person per day.


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Course Outcomes and Basic Competencies

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Some of the course outcomes and basic competencies a mediator should develop.

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Sept/Oct/Nov 2015
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