Planning your financial future


As you think about your future, getting impartial advice on your financial options is an important part of any separation agreement. Henderson Stone are Chartered Financial Planners and you may wish to ask for their specialised financial advice as part of the mediation process.


As a start, you will need to have a complete list of all your finances and assets to satisfy the Court that provision has been agreed for the separating partners and child care, but then you could go one step further. 


By looking at your Pension or Annuity options, insurance policies, property, investments and other income sources or assets, you can create a tailored financial plan that takes into account the plans each of you would like to make for the future.


And once the separation agreement has been completed, Henderson Stone could set your plans in motion, taking care of the paperwork for you. Any costs will be agreed with you upfront with your personal advisor. This isn’t an exhaustive list of the points to consider, but in our experience it is a good starting point and a Henderson Stone advisor will be able to go through each with you.


  • Future protection: existing insurance arrangements may need to be reconsidered as the requirements will change, especially where joint life policies are involved.

  • Living arrangements : Mortgages to purchase a new property or to raise capital from an existing home or equity release for older separating couples.
  • Pension Splitting: if pension funds are a substantial proportion of the estate, what represents an equitable split bearing in mind both partners future plans
  • Investing Capital: again depending on other sources of income and the plans you are agreeing, investments may need to be for future growth and income or for immediate income.
  • Minimising the Tax implications of your plans and whether a Trust should be used.

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